Getting a stylish short hairstyle is not that hard, but the true challenge is: how to grow out your hair with no effort after you got that pixie or bob cut you wanted so much? The first word that comes to our mind is “patience”, as hair won’t grow overnight. However, there are some tips and tricks you can employ to jump-start your hair growth. It won’t be easy, as the whole process needs persistence and discipline. But let us make things clear: it is not impossible. So we have gathered here a few hairstylists and some health experts to give you ten tips on how to grow your hair out without effort.

1. Get a Haircut

It sounds counterproductive, but do hear us out: never let your hair ends split past the health point, as you will end up having even shorter hair due to repeated cuts. Preventative split-ends trimming is necessary to keep your hair healthy and quickly growing. Ask your stylist to do a “dusting” – meaning to cut your ends as little as possible (about an eighth of an inch off). Specialists recommend you do this every nine to ten weeks to prevent ends’ splitting and gain a little length in between cuts.

2. Step Up Your Game: Use Pro Treatment

If you want to learn how to grow out your hair with no effort, listen to the experts: use conditioner. It helps your hair grow faster, stronger and more resilient to physical or environmental damages. But since we are on the subject of how to grow your hair out fast if you have a short cut, let’s step up our game: instead of using a regular conditioner, you should try a professional treatment. Ask your stylist to recommend you a proper product for your type of hair and don’t skip any session.

3. Don’t Forget About Moisture

In order to jump-start the healthy hair growth, hairstylists recommend you use a hair mask at least once a week before your regular shampoo-conditioner routine. Masks should contain nourishing and moisturizing ingredients and they should all be natural. Go for argon oil, coconut, almond, jojoba or macadamia oil, rosemary, lemon peels and so on. They are meant to soothe the scalp and feed the hair roots. Make sure you don’t focus only on the scalp, as the ends need the same care and attention to grow longer.

4. Massage Your Scalp

Massage improves blood flow in our bodies, so why would it be different when it comes to your scalp? Rub the entire surface of your scalp, gently but firmly. Besides the great feeling of relaxation you will get, proper blood flow at your scalp’s level will boost hair growth. This is not a standalone trick on how to grow out your hair, but it is a part of a more complex treatment.

5. Rinse Your Hair with Cold Water

It may sound like torture, especially after you took a long hot bath, but specialists say you need to endure the process just for a few seconds. At the end of each shower or hair wash, switch to cold water and proceed to a rinse. This shock-treatment will help you get smoother hair, as it prevents moisture loss and counters heat damages or physical ones.

6. Speaking About Heat… Avoid It

If you want to know how to grow your hair out faster, first thing to do is refraining from using heat for hair styling. The flat iron and the curler eventually burn your ends and make the whole growth process slower and harder. You should naturally air-dry your hair, but if you can’t, a quick blow-dry session will do the trick. If you are in need of styling, try organic products instead of irons and learn how to grow out your hair in the lack of invasive tools.

7. Improve Your Diet

Like everything that goes on in our bodies, hair growth is very much dependent of our regular diets. If you really want to grow your hair out faster, start a more protein-based diet (20-30 grams per meal is the recommended “dose”). Don’t fear you’ll become the next Mr. Olympia champion, as it’s not the case. We live on proteins and your hair is made of proteins, so feed it wisely. Add eggs, fish, yogurt, nuts, seeds and chicken to your diet and enjoy better health and stronger hair.

8. Tie Your Hair Up Smartly

If you have a very short cut, you won’t probably be able to tie your hair up, but if you have some bangs or a medium bob, you might want to try this trick: if you can make a ponytail, as short as it is, switch its place every time, to avoid damaging over and over again the same hair region. Try to tie up your hair in different ways, in a loose tail or bun, to let oxygen reach all areas and stimulate the follicles. A tied-up hairdo might also give you some ideas on how to get your facial features in the best light once you grew your hair at its desired length.

9. Ditch Some Towels and Pillow Cases

Specialists recommend us to switch our cotton pillow cases with satin ones. The smoother surfaces lower the friction levels which damage our hair overnight. Also, stop wrapping up your head in heavy and thick bath towels after you shower. Your hair gets caught in the towel fibers and you risk losing your tiny and fragile strands inside it. Switch the plushy towel with a soft microfiber one and never dry your hair by rubbing it aggressively with the towel, especially if you want it to grow faster.

10. Try Some Hair Growth Supplements

Not all women are inclined to take all sorts of pills, but if you want fast results, consult with your regular physician and a dermatologist. Some hair-growth supplements are totally safe and organic but you shouldn’t take them only because the TV commercial appealed to you. Always check with your doctor before beginning a protein and minerals based supplements treatment. Such supplements are sometimes recommended if you have a few strands of gray hair, as they are meant to boost your hair’s health and strength as well.

These are ten basic tricks on how to grow out your hair faster and healthier. Which do you think are best? Are you using others? Care to share your secrets, tips and tricks as well?