Let’s face it: a beard honestly makes any man look… well, manlier, of course. You know those before and after pictures of bearded men who have shaved and now look like 15-year-old boys going through puberty? All fun and games aside, that fact alone should really make you consider looking into facial hair styles for this year. Especially in 2015 the clean-shave is out and beards are totally in, no matter the shape or size. You can stylishly sport a beard with or without a moustache, cleanly trimmed or ruggedly grown-out… the possibilities are really endless. Although the media and manufacturers tend to highlight the importance of grooming for women, men should be equally self-conscious regarding appearance. Facial hair can be awesomely sported regardless if you’re Caucasian, African American, Irish, Mexican or Asian, all you need to do is see which style best suits your face and personality. If you want your beard to bring all the girls to the yard, check out our carefully-studied selection of10 trendy facial hair styles in 2023 and get inspired!

1. 5 O’clock Shadow

The classy and classic 5 O’clock Shadow is our first pick of the crop for quite a number of reasons: it’s easy to nail, timeless and downright sexy. We’re certain that this particular choice has been reigning among facial hairstyles for years and years, especially in 2020, 2021 and, of course, 2023. Don’t believe us? Bradley Cooper, one of the most attractive male celebrities, should prove the point just right.

2. Long Hair, Long Beard

Whoever said that you can’t rock the rough & rugged boho look with style? Whether you’re a musician, aspiring actor or you just love looking manly, the “long hair, long beard” look will look awesome on you. It might be a bit harder to maintain than other facial hair styles, but it will totally be worth it if you’re looking for something different.

3. Stubble

As far as facial hair styles are concerned, the classic “stubble” will forever be trendy. It’s a fantastic way to sport facial hair without actually having to take care of a full beard or look messy. All you need to do is get your trimmer and cut down until you achieve the perfect stubble. David Beckham is a prime example of how a smart, manly and classy stubble should look like. Don’t forget, short is sexy!

3. Hipster Beard

Yep, it was impossible to write a list about facial hair styles without regarding hipsters. After all, they are one of the reasons why beards are so beloved in modern times. You don’t have to go straight up weird with it, just let your beard grow naturally and accessorize it with a light-colored hat and hipster glasses for extra cool. It definitely offers a unique look and a feel good vibe.

4. Tight Beard

The best friend a guy could ever ask for is… a trimmer. Especially when you’re looking into facial hair styles like the tight beard, you are going to need an approximately 2-millimeter setting trimmer to get the job done right. This particular style looks a lot like the short-boxed beard, the main difference is that it continues more up the cheeks. It’s a nice, clean and professional way to wear a beard at any event. This is also a great style if you have black or dark hair, like Common in the images above.

5. Circle Beard

Now this choice has been popular among facial hair styles since the 70s until now. The more intricate version of a goatee works great for both round and long shaped faces and can be easily styled, depending on your preferences. It looks amazing for all types of hair color, as well, whether you’re blonde, dark-haired or even a ginger. You can try styling your circle beard with both thick and thin lines, so see which one suits you best.

6. French Beard

Even though it is quite similar to the circle beard, the French beard is like a new and improved version for fancy tastes. Robert Downey Jr. is one of the best representatives for this facial hair style, as he nails it perfectly each and every time. Upgrade your grooming and get into detail with your beard for this French-inspired look.

7. Beard & Top Knot

We all know that a top knot looks a lot better if you have a beard. It’s a trendy way to have long hair without having it get into your face all the time and covering your eyes. The hairstyle itself is one of the most popular choices for men in 2023, so you should try it and let your beard grow out for a super manly effect.

8. Chin Strip

The Chin Strip is known under a few names, one of the most common being the Soul Patch. This is an excellent alternative for men who have patchy facial hair growth patterns (hence the name) or who don’t want to undergo the hassle of taking care of a full beard. When shaving, all you have to do is leave a small patch of hair under your lower lip to enhance your features and you’re good to go.

9. Chin Curtain

Also known as the Chin Strap, the Chin Curtain is rumored to be one of the most stylish facial hair styles in 2023. The Chin Curtain is defined by sporting facial hair only on your chin and above each side of your jawbone, usually without a moustache or hair on the cheeks. It’s a great way to frame your face without covering half of it with a full-out beard. Make sure you keep it well trimmed and shaped for an eye-catching effect.

10. Moustache

It was impossible for us to make a list of facial hair styles without regarding the timeless moustache. Although some moustaches can turn out looking completely ridiculous, there are quite a few ways you can style one to remain trendy in 2023. Keep it classy and mix it up with a discrete soul patch for an awesome appearance you will want to maintain throughout the entire year.