We all dream about having those perfect long silky princess like locks, but there is one important thing you have to know about super long hair: this trend is dead and buried. So you have to move on and choose shorter hair styles. The best long haircuts have been named those with a clavicle length and those medium “few inches under the shoulder” length.
Nowadays there are some many ways cutting and wearing long hair, and the new haircuts are very fresh and modern, much better and flexible than incredibly long hair.
If you are looking to make a change in your life, but you think a bob or a pixie are way to much for what you can handle, take a look at the following long haircuts ideas. These are the best long haircuts at the moment, and this length can be achieved by everybody who has a long of medium long hair.

# 1. Easy Medium Length Haircut

This first idea for haircuts for long hair is a medium length cut, straight across and blunt haircut, that ends just a little under your shoulders. This is a perfect length for the women who want to cut off their super long hair, but don’t want something too drastic. This length is among the stars’s favourites right now. This type of haircut will make your tresses look very healthy and it if you decide you want to go for a pony tail, this cut will look extremely stylish, “i woke up like this” kind of look.  It’s a hair style that has a lot of dynamism and elasticity to it.

# 2. Medium Length With Bangs On The Side Haircut

If you’re face is more on the round side, and you are worried about the heaviness of a medium long hair cut, what you have to do, is to add a long side bang. This would be a smaller commitment than a blunt, straight across fringe and it will add extra definition to your face. The length of the bangs, should be right above the upper lip, in this manner you can wear it either to the side of your face or parted down the middle. If you decide to try this look, but you realise you don’t really like it, you shouldn’t worry, as bangs grow very fast back.

# 3. Chopped Layers With A Fused Texture Haircut

This haircut for long hair, can give that cool rock n roll chick feeling. Instead of opting for the precisely blended layers, which have been worn for too many years, try these chopped layers that are slightly rough at the ends. This hair style goes well with hair that has natural waves, the more texture it has, the better. The length for this style can vary from long to medium length.

# 4. Fused Long Bangs Haircut

If you are thinking about taking the blended haircut to the next level, we advise you try adding some fused long bangs. Straight up bangs stay completely separate from the rest of the hair, but these bangs are longer on the sides which helps all the layers to mix together, for an effortless look.  However, this haircut is not very flexible when it comes to the length of the hair. It looks best in a medium length or even shorter.

# 5. Collar Bone Length Haircut

This is a comfortably short style, as it is long enough to be pulled backwards, but at the same time is a serious change from long hair. This is the perfect choice if you are looking for maximum impact without putting a lot of work into it. If you want to get this look, you should ask your stylist to cut shorter layers underneath, to take away some of the heaviness. This is a great haircut, because it suits any face shape and hair type.

# 5. Thick Hair Medium Length Haircut

This is an awesome haircut for women with thick hair, as creating underneath layers will let you locks move more naturally and have a more natural cadence, than classic long layers, which tend to look slender. Its a style that applies to any hair length, from collarbone length to medium back. When it comes to styling this haircut, stay away from straight hair styles and try to embrace your natural waves. Textured hair is coming back in style in a big way.

# 6. Slow Transformation From Very Long Hair To Shorter

If your hair is extremely long, the best thing to do is to ask your stylist to cut it in stages. If you’re among those persons who have never cut their hair short before, the process has to be gradual. For the beginning, just take three or four inches, and see how you feel, before you go on cutting more.

It all depends on how much you are cutting, but if you decide to completely transform your  hair, you can end up having one of the haircuts mentioned above, once you decide on the length you want.