You can easily achieve cute short hairstyles in under five minutes using only a few bobby pins and some teasing. Just because you have a short mane it doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with your hairstyle. Curly, thick, thin, wavy or layered, short haircuts can suit any type of hair and never really go out of style. Here are ten step by step tutorials on how to style your hair.

1. Stylish hair wrap

8 Cute Short Hairstyles for Everyday Wear

This look is great for work and school and suits all face shapes.

  1. Add some texture to your hair with a small barrel curling iron.
  2. Grab a section of hair on the right side and start twisting it towards the back. Gradually add more sections of hair into the twist until you reach the nape of the neck.
  3. Secure the wrap with bobby pins.
  4. Repeat the process on the other side. Use as many bobby pins as it feels necessary to hold the wrap in place.
  5. Leave any layers to fall out for a messy look. Spray the updo with a strong-hold hair spray and you’re done!

2. Elegant twist up do

8 Cute Short Hairstyles for Everyday Wear

Not sure what hair do to don at the next wedding or formal occasion? Give this one a try and you won’t go unnoticed. Can also work for medium length hair.

  1. Use a crimping iron to add volume to the top section of your hair.
  2. Divide the hair into three sections and tease the middle part.
  3. Start twisting the top middle section downwards to create the base of the twist bun. Make a tight twist and secure it with an elastic band.
  4. Take a small section of hair from the left side, twist it and wrap it around the main twist. Secure it with bobby pins.
  5. Repeat the process, alternating between left and right small sections until all the hair is pinned down.
  6. Tuck the ends of the main twist underneath the hair do and top off with hair spray.

3. Messy bed hair

8 Cute Short Hairstyles for Everyday Wear

This look is fast and very easy to achieve. It suits women with round faces and can also be worn by teenagers at school.

  1. Girls with straight hair will need to use a texturizing for the roots.
  2. Tease the crown a little to create a small bump on the top of the head. Use texturizing powder for even more volume.
  3. Pull the hair back and pin it down with bobby pins.
  4. Mess it up a bit with your fingers so it doesn’t look too perfect.
  5. Finish off with a bit of hair spray.

4. Chic curls with hidden bun

8 Cute Short Hairstyles for Everyday Wear

Super quick and incredibly stylish, this is one of the cute short hairstyles that can be worn by a bridesmaid or by a teenage girl attending prom or homecoming.

  1. Section off your bangs and divide the rest of the hair into four parts.
  2. Use the middle sections to create a bun. This will add an oomph to the coiffure and make it look elegant.
  3. Tease the crown and smooth the hair down over the bun. Twist the ends and secure them with bobby pins under the bun.
  4. Curl the side sections with a small barrel to create loose, delicate curls.
  5. Pin down part of the side sections to cover up the bun in the back.
  6. Frame your face with the curled bangs and top off with hair spray.

5. Fun twists for thick hair

8 Cute Short Hairstyles for Everyday Wear

If you have a lot of natural texture, you’ll want to wear this hairstyle everyday. Suitable both for black and blonde hair, it will look best if you have highlights.

  1. Use a curling iron if you want to create a wavy texture and set it with hair spray.
  2. Grab a one-inch piece of hair and start twisting it towards the back. Make the twist into a coil and secure it with bobby pins.
  3. Repeat the process with the rest of the hair, picking random sections of hair and pining them down. Leave out your bangs or the sections that frame your face.
  4. Take the side sections and wrap them around the hair do, securing the ends with bobby pins.
  5. Take out two locks of hair from your temples to create a more relaxed look.

6. Weekend loose waves

8 Cute Short Hairstyles for Everyday Wear

Tired of the usual ponytail but braids are not your thing? You don’t need complicated hair dos for the weekend. Here’s how simple it is to achieve this relaxed look.

  1. Add a texturizing powder that will keep the hair from sticking to the scalp.
  2. Make a soft deep side part and use a medium sized barrel to curl the hair.
  3. Grab chunks of hair and curl for only a few seconds, leaving out the ends.
  4. Alternate the direction of curling to achieve the messy look.
  5. Run your fingers through the hair to make it look effortless.
  6. Add a bit of shine spray and you’re done!

7. Voluminous three-minute pony tail

8 Cute Short Hairstyles for Everyday Wear

If you’ve been growing out your bob, here’s a new way how to style it. Get ready for this to become one of your go-to cute short hairstyles.

  1. If your hair is wavy, leave it as it is. If needed, curl the ends for more bounce.
  2. Section off two chunks of hair to frame your face.
  3. Use the rest of the hair to create a low ponytail.
  4. Push the hair band up in order to achieve a small bump. Secure it with bobby pins.
  5. Use the two smaller sections to wrap around the ponytail. Pin down the ends and lightly spray a light hold hair spray.

8. Sweet braid headband

8 Cute Short Hairstyles for Everyday Wear

If you have the needed length, go for this braided look that suits naturally curly haired gals.

  1. If you have fine hair, curl it before starting braiding.
  2. Leave out two chunks of hair on either side and create a pony tail with the middle part.
  3. Make a bun from the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins.
  4. Start the hair band on one side of the head and continue towards the back.
  5. Wrap the braid around the bun and pin it down with bobby pins.
  6. Pull out a few sections in the front to frame the face.

You’ll never run out of updos ideas with these cute short hairstyles. Just remember that practice makes perfect and you’ll be able to create these looks without a mirror in no time.