Everybody agrees that beards are cool. Whether you wear a goatee or a full beard, a beard trimmer is essential to keep your facial hair in great shape and style. That is why we’ve gathered the best beard trimmer options you can find on the market today.

The Best Beard Trimmer in 2023

So, without further ado, this is our updated top selection of best beard trimmers.

1. Philips Norelco QT4070 Vacuum Beard, Stubble and Mustache Trimmer Pro

Price: $45-$60 

Philips Norelco is awesome because of its vacuum system designed to capture hair residue. Apart from making less mess, it leaves the skin cleaner as well. This is the best-rated beard trimmer by many Amazon users.

Pros: the beard trimmer comes with 18 length settings ranging from 1 mm (1/32 inch) to 18 mm (23/32 inch).

  • It features a power booster button to speed up your trimming work. The increased cutting and fan speed is excellent for thick areas.
  • Its LED display enhances both usability and functionality. In other words, this best beard trimmer is user-friendly.

Cons: it can’t be used underwater.

Final word: For its exceptional performance, I say it is worth the price. Philips Norelco QT4070 is without doubt the best beard trimmer for stubble and moustache from out list (personally tested).

Top tip: For around $25 extra bucks, you can have it along with a Beard Conditioning Oil and Beard Softener Conditioner by Percy Nobleman.

2. Panasonic ER-GB40 Cordless Moustache & Beard Trimmer for Wet/ Dry Use

Price: $40-$70

Get the look you want with this water-friendly beard trimmer from Panasonic. Nothing is more convenient that having a trimmer you can make use of in the shower. You use it and clean it at the same time. This is possibly the best cordless beard trimmer on the market.

Even so, the trimmer comes with a cleaning brush because you can also use it with shaving cream!

Pros: you can wash it under water without removing the blade.

  • It has fine length adjustments. To be more exact, you can set it at 19 lengths, from 1 to 10 mm.
  • The battery life is another aspect to consider as one of the most significant strengths in a beard trimmer. This one lasts up to 50 minutes.
  • Apart from its durability, it is also solidly built. Its best features rely on its stainless steel blades and rubberized grip.

Cons: Although the battery life of this beard trimmer is one of its strengths, every recharge takes 15 hours. There are no other downsides to it from out point of view.

Final word: waterproof, ergonomic, and durable – one of the best beard trimmers you can get!

3. Wahl 9854-600 Lithium Ion All In One Trimmer

Price: $30-$40

Could this be the best buy beard trimmer? Consumer reports on Amazon show that the groomer is best rated for its long-lasting lithium battery which last 2 hours based on 1-hour charge. We will let you decide whether it is the best cheap trimmer from our list or not.

Pros: even if some find its many accessories unpractical, we believe that this aspect should not be disregarded. This beard trimmer comes with a T-Blade, a detail blade for nose and ear hair, and even for eyebrows, a beard comb, dual shaver, cleaning brush and blade oil. What can you ask more for $30?

  • The Wahl 9854-600 is the most powerful cordless beard trimmer on the market.
  • Its sturdiness should also be highlighted as one of its strengths.

Cons: Power comes at a price: the design is not the best feature of this trimmer.

  • Also, it cannot be washed under water.
  • It is noisier than similar products. Consumers report that it gets louder as it ages.

Final word: cost-effective, robust, and with a long-lasting battery life, this trimmer is ideal for those who are not interested in fancy design. It is perfect for thick facial hair, and due to its accessories it can be used for more than just beard grooming.

4. TRYM II – The Ultra-Sleek Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit

Price: $30-$50

The first thing you notice at this hair, moustache, and beard trimmer is its unique, modern, futuresque design.

Pros: Trym II serves many purposes. There are attachments for any facial hair style you want to adopt: beard, goatee, moustache, or stubble.

  • It comes with quality metal blades that ensure fine cutting.
  • Let’s face it! Trym II can enrich both your look and the look of your bathroom.
  • The kit includes four trimming attachments, cleaning brush, blade oil, power adapter and charging base.

Cons: regarding settings, this clipper is quite limited as compared to our other choices.

  • The battery needs 8 hours to recharge.
  • It cannot be used under water.

Final word: For its price, we would say that is the best all-in-one tool, especially if you are on a budget and need something with a functionality beyond beard trimming.

5. Remington HC5550AM Precision Power Haircut & Beard Trimmer

Price: $30-$35

As we have already established that Philips Norelco QT4070 is the winner of the best beard and moustache trimmer category, and Panasonic ER-GB40 one of the best waterproof trimmers out there, Remington HC5550AM Precision Power Haircut & Beard Trimmer is another top choice for a cheap, all-purpose grooming gadget.

Pros: it is suitable for corded and cored-free use.

  • It is a very easy-to-clean tool: you just click and wash.
  • It has a USB charging capability for does who are always on the go.
  • The hair clipper shows high performance and power due to its advanced blades coated in titanium, which are self-sharpening by the way.
  • It features an ergonomic grip for enhanced control.
  • It comes with a nice travel case

Cons: according to some customer reports, this gadget is best for cutting hair than for trimming beards.

Final word: The Remington HC5550AM has a very good price for value. A top choice for a best buy grooming tool.

We hope you enjoy our best beard trimmer reviews for a perfectly groomed facial hair. You can also have a look at our previous top 5 trimmers as well as at our post on trendy facial hair styles in 2023. What kind of trimmer do you use? What is the best electric beard trimmer from your experience? Feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below. Cheers & Happy Shopping!