Ingrown hair problems are pretty common, and they emerge either as curled up hairs or painful acne like bumps due to bacterial infection – add uneven cuts to the mix and you can puncture the skin or pull a curled hair, which will leave you bleeding.

People think that by buying a high-end shaver they will get rid of the problem, and though many high-end shavers have ingrown hair on their concerns, some of them have not, so the best way to tackle the program is to address the ingrown hair problems.

We picked three awesome shavers that will deal with this problem, they are the Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc 4, the Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5 and the Braun Series 7 790cc shavers.

Why are they the best shavers for ingrown hair?

To prevent problems that can erupt when suffering from ingrown hair, one must shave in the right direction and with minimum passes. You can use lubricants, warm water and every technique you want, but if you don’t have a proper shaver this will all go to waste.

The Braun Series 7 presents ultimate closeness while still being able to be gentle for your skin and ingrown hairs. With its Active Lift technology, your flat and low lying hairs will be lifted in order to be cut by the base, so the cuts are even and won’t puncture your skin – getting you a close shave with no risks.

The foils have an OptiFoil design which captures all of the hair sizes individually, making the Braun Series 7 an impressive shaver.

The Panasonic shavers also come with that useful lift tech foil to cut the hair by the base, and this includes curled up hairs, so you can even shave against the grain with no trouble, albeit that can be more aggressive to your skin.

Both of the Panasonic models recommended pack the most powerful motor currently on the market – about 14000 full cycles per minute, which cuts the hair fast and with one passing, allowing your skin to rest easy knowing rashes and redness is past. They also adapt to your face, making contouring easy and the jaw and neck lines easy to tackle.

Any of the recommended options is great, be sure to properly clean and maintain your shaver if you don’t choose one of these, since the ones we recommend come with a cleaning station that cleans, recharges, lubricates and scents your blades.

Vital Factors for Picking My Own Electric Shavers:

As a man, I also had to pick my own shavers every time I needed one. Throughout this article I’m going to disclose just what do I expect from my shavers and what are the factors I weigh in order to make my choice. I really like to go for high-end shavers, so I expect them to do a lot more than just get me a great shave.

A close and clean shaved face isn’t the only thing we want from a shaver, or else we would choose a manual razor, we need speed, comfort and a lot of other things we will discuss further.

Factor 1: Closeness

We don’t just want a close shave, but off course we demand a close shave. If a certain shaver doesn’t output the desired closeness, then give it up. As far as closeness is concerned, Braun shavers are my pick. My beard isn’t heavy, but if it was Braun wouldn’t be my choice – for those of you that have a heavy or thick beard, Panasonic shavers are a great option.

If you, on the other hand, really want a rotary shaver instead of a Foil shaver, pick the best manufacturer for rotaries – Philips. The Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D is one I can’t recommend enough.

Factor 2: Comfort

A reason that leads men to choose the electric shaver – if a certain shaver irritates your skin or requires a lot of passes on the same area, you should dump it!

Factor 3: Speed

Men have to do what men have to do – and that’s why shaving must be fast. A rule of thumb is that electric shavers save 50% of the time at the very least, and I tend to choose razors that save me 70% of the time. So, if you take roughly ten minutes shaving with a blade, opt for a shaver that gets the work done in about three minutes.

Motor power and the number of blades are the factors to consider here, as these are what make a shaver quick and powerful. Your motor should be around 8000 cycles per minute, and for these specs then the Remington shavers are a god choice. Braun shavers, the high end ones, get you 10.000 CPM – amazing power – while Panasonic leads with 14.000 CPM.

Factor 4: Battery Life

For those moments you have to travel, battery is priceless. Get a shaver that has fifty minutes or 1 hour of uninterrupted shaving time.

Factor 5: Parts, Lifespan and Reliability

When I’m investing in a shaver, I want to know that if something goes horribly wrong I can easily get new parts at a reasonable price – as top rated shavers usually make you spend a fortune on replacements.

Lifespan is vital as I want it to run for years and to really be worth my money – a good timeframe are 5 to 6 years if they are high end. I buy a lot of shavers so I tend to overlook this one on my personal case, but you should definitely consider this factor.

You also want a reliable that shaver that doesn’t break down easily – and I tend to review this factor as well.