According to fashion and style experts, this year we will have more outstanding hairstyles for medium length hair than ever. As we said before, medium length offers the highest level of versatility when it comes to styling your hair in fancy, formal and elegant hairdos or simple cool updos for casual wear. This is why cute hairstyles for medium length hair will be the stars of 2022 again, mixing a few past trends with some new and fine ideas.

The best part of these hairstyles for medium length hair is that they match all types of faces, hair color, and texture. For instance, you may have thinning hair and be concerned about finding the right style for you. Don’t worry; there are plenty of medium length hairstyles for thick hair and medium length hairstyles for thin hair to please even the most pretentious women. Today we picked three easy hairstyles for medium length hair that go great in any situation and for all women of all ages.

1. Curled-Up, Flipped-Out

This easy hairstyle is considered one of the most versatile ones possible. Perfect for medium length hair, all you need is a layered cut. It doesn’t matter if you have curly or straight, thin or thick hair. It is a sweet, relaxed, even romantic hairdo you will see plenty of this year. Teens will have a blast with it as this styling involves little time and effort. Volume is achieved by the curls, so if you have a heart-shaped or oval face, you can’t go wrong with it. Those wavy bangs will turn you into the prom queen, even if you wear it daily.

How to Achieve This Style

  • Simply use a curling iron to curl up and flip out all your layered strands ends;
  • Add a bit of volume to the crown;
  • Use a styling product of your choice to fix the hair and enjoy a natural pretty look no matter if you attend an evening party or you go about your everyday activities.

Where Can You Wear This Style?

Anywhere from weddings, homecoming parties, in casual occasions, at the office and so on. This sweet curly style is independent of age or environment. If you attend a wild party, you can dye some of the strands in vivid one-time-only neon colors as well.

2. The Double Braided Updo

easy braided hairstyles for medium length hair

In a world where hairstyles (men’s and women’s alike) change and evolve at very fast paces, some things will remain the same, no matter the year. Yes, we are talking about braiding. From the French braid to the messy one, from the professional-looking one (dedicated to the wedding bride and bridesmaids) to the sassy loose ones, braid will never go out of fashion. The best part about braiding is that it can be achieved by little girls in school, so you shouldn’t have any issue in turning yourself into a smashing goddess. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials and internet pictures to learn different braiding styles and do them at home.

How to Achieve This Style

  • Split your hair into two sides;
  • Braid each side in a French style;
  • Pin each side at the back of your head so they can form a sort of a headband together;
  • Do a quick tuck of the locks in the achieved nape (behind the two braided strands), wrap it and finish by pinning it down;
  • Don’t worry if it looks a bit messy at your first trial; remember this is one of the latest 2022 trends in hairstyling, so a little strand naturally floating around might actually make you look like a trendsetter this year.

Where Can You Wear This Style?

You can use the hairstyle if you are the bridesmaid, the mother of the bride or groom, a fancy party guest. It goes great in the club as well.

3. The Vintage Wavy Messy Twist

You may have your hair cut into a medium bob, or you may wear it in many choppy layers. It matters not; this is one of those hairstyles for medium length hair which can be achieved in a few DIY easy steps with amazing results. The versatility of this particular hairstyle resides in the fact that it matches all hair colors, textures and face types, round or vertical. Moreover, if you are African-American, you are halfway there, as your natural curled hair needs just one short good final step until you achieve this retro gorgeous look.

How to Achieve This Style

  • Get a fairly large piece of hair and pin it up above your forehead;
  • Take large, medium and small piece of hair, twist them around and keep them in place with bobby pins;
  • Repeat the procedure on both sides of your head until you reach the bottom of your ears;
  • Take the rest of your hair and gather it in one hand as if you’d make a ponytail;
  • Pull the pony up and secure it with pins or burettes;
  • If you have naturally curled hair, you can make looser twists to let some wild curly strands floating around.

Where Can You Wear This Style?

Your messy twisty retro bangs can make you look stunning for all occasions: an Indian summer late dinner, at the office meeting, at weddings, in formal or semi-formal environments, at the beach and even at school. Many celebrities pulled off this hairstyle on the red carpet as well. Look for Pinterest-based tutorials, as this particular hair style may be just the beginning for more complex hairdos: you can make the best out of it with fancy accessories too.

We picked these three hairstyles for medium length hair because they are independent of a particular haircut. It really doesn’t matter if you have black hair, you’re blonde or ginger or you wear punk-era colored tips and strands. You can also mix a 2016 style-of-the-year with the 2018 Jessica Alba ombré strands. If you feel like a superstar, keep in mind the curled-up style we presented and turn it into a 2018 Rihanna soft layered black-orange look. Complex braids, emo-style fringe strands, feathered locks, they can be adapted into plenty of updos, buns, tails and curls depending on your mood and inspiration.