It’s not easy to choose the best toddler haircuts for your little one, so we are going to offer you a helping hand. Knowing that kids nowadays have their own personalities they want to express, you should be careful when you take your baby to the hairdressers. If you feel stuck and don’t know what fits best for your little boy or girl, take a look and get inspired by our suggestions. You will certainly find the best haircut that makes both you and your little one really happy!

When you and your child decide that it’s time for a haircut, it should be a common choice, so listen to what they prefer. The perfect haircut for a toddler should be comfortable, cool, easy to maintain, and above all, it should express your child’s personality. Haircuts for toddlers should be adapted to their facial features, hair texture and, of course, preferences.  Even if you opt for long hair or short, there are plenty of ideas to try to ensure that your child will be the star on the playground.

Trendy Toddler Girl Haircuts for All Hair Lengths

Short Bob For A Classy Look

We start as usual with the ladies! Your little lady should feel like a princess every time she looks in the mirror; that’s why the right haircut is crucial for a young girl. A practical choice that works for all hair types and lengths is the short, classy bob. No longer reserved for Hollywood celebrities, the bob is a smart choice for an active girl who also enjoys being fashionable and cool. There are plenty of variations to this cut; you can go for the classic bob with equal length all around, or opt for the modern one, shorter at the back and longer at the front.

The short bob is very versatile, working perfectly with lean blonde hair and just as well with curly darker hair. Its’s easy to style and maintain, just use a soft conditioner after shampooing and style with a drop of mousse if necessary. Your little girl can now play and run around without worry because her hair will simply fall into place effortlessly. Both classic and chic, the short bob is the way to go for easy maintenance and great look!

Long Waves For Little Princesses

We bet your daughter is a fan of fairy tales, and she wants to be a princess someday. Well, her dream will come true if you choose this hairstyle. Long waves work best with slightly curly hair or lean blonde locks that will turn your little girl into her favorite fairy tale heroine. This style is easy to obtain, and it can have different variations according to your preferences.

This long haircut for toddler girls accentuates the femininity and innocence of your child, bringing out her beautiful features. For the more active girls, it can easily be styled into a ponytail that is simple to do and takes no time at all. Choose this traditional haircut and adapt it to your child’s personality and she will certainly like the most beautiful princess.

Modern Medium Length With Bangs

If your little girl prefers length, but you don’t want to go through the bother of maintaining longer hair, this is the best solution that will make everyone happy. The modern medium length hairstyle is the middle ground you were looking for. Add the bangs for a dash of cool and your little girl can rock this look without too much hassle. The medium length works for all hair textures, and the bangs can be adjusted respecting the main features of the face.

This hairstyle can be accessorized with plenty of headbands, flower clips or bows, making it perfect for every occasion. Even if you are taking her to the park, or to a family dinner, this look can be adapted to fit any event.

Best Toddler Boys Haircuts for Every Style

Trendy Undercut With Layers

Who says that your little boy can’t look like a true gentleman? The undercut with layers is a very hip style brought to fame by David Beckham, who looks elegant and modern at the same time. If you want your little man to look just as amazing, choose this practical, easy to maintain and cool style. Keep the undercut on the sides and back short and leave the layers for the top. This will make for better contrast, and it will make your boy’s eyes and facial features stand out.

The layers on top can be parted on the side and styled with some mousse for a classy look, or just combed and fixed with your fingers if you want a messier style. Whichever you and your boy go for, be sure that it will turn him into a handsome little man.

Edgy Mohawk for a Little Rock Star

If you are the proud parent of an independent and unique boy, and you want to allow him to express himself, the edgy Mohawk is the right option. This style is not for everyone, being reserved to the most creative and original of us who can truly rock it. If your boy wants to show his unique personality and his passion for music, this style is right for him.

The Mohawk is still associated with 80’s punk movement, but it has been recently revived, and it’s now making a comeback in toddler hairstyling. The sides are kept very short or completely shaven while the length of the hair on the top and back can be adjusted to your desire. The longer the hair, the more explosive the Mohawk! This edgy look should be styled with hairspray to obtain the real impressive tall center. Be sure to make heads turn when you take your boy to kindergarten!

Elegant Side Part for Short Hair

The side part is a timeless look that has the advantage of looking fresh and elegant, regardless of hair texture. It works with lean, sleek hair, as well as with curly, unruly hair, being an ideal choice for fashionable little boys. This toddler haircut can be adapted to your child’s preferences, but it’s mainly characterized by the longer hair on the side and an elegant fade towards the back.

It’s easy to wear and style, bringing an air of class to your toddler’s look. Try the elegant side part for short hair and your boy will turn into a little classic Hollywood star in no time!

Now you have plenty of cute toddler haircuts for your little one, so choose what fits best. Then head to the hairdresser’s and get ready to be impressed by the new look your child will certainly adore. Even if you choose long hair or short, go for modern or more traditional looks, rest assured: your kid will become an instant sensation in the park!