When it comes to the most popular hairstyles for men, fade cuts are the first ones that come to mind. Not so long ago, we focused on the fade cuts are probably the first ones that come to mind. Not so long ago, we focused on the many types of men’s fade haircuts, insisting that they represent the foundation and starting point for many hairdos and hairstyles. Among them, the taper fades haircut is the most appraised one: it is versatile and creates contemporary and stylish-looking hairstyles, like Mohawks, side-parted dos, comb-over dos, fohawks, and more. And since our readers requested we take a closer look at taper haircut variations, we will do just that today. So let’s see some important information regarding taper haircut styles, the hottest trends in the hairdressing business, and gorgeous-looking men sporting daily taper haircuts.

The Taper Haircut vs. The Fade Haircut: What Are the Differences and How Do They Blend?

Taken separately, each of the two hairstyles seems to be completely different from one another:

  • Traditionally, a taper haircut shows a distinctive hairline; it is done with a set of clippers, scissors, and a taper level. Moreover, such hairstyle favors longer hair.
  • As we have discussed before, a faded haircut is a much shorter hairstyle, originating in the neat, clean, and formal military style of hairdressing, needing little to no maintenance. The main feature of a fade haircut is that it doesn’t showcase a distinctive hairline; instead, it makes the hair fade to the skin.

The Taper Fade or How the Old School Embraced the New School with Awesome Results

The taper fades, or the combination of these two seemingly different hairstyles is the best if you want to look modern, stylish, and perfectly tuned to our contemporary times. Being flexible to almost any type of styling, this “old school meets new school” type of haircut is getting increasingly popular, and experienced barbers are playing with many designs and creative ideas.

The High Taper Fade

In this haircut, the top is slightly longer, while the fade on the sides and back begins at 2 inches or less from the top. Remember:

  • It looks very good on people with black hair as it matches their skin tone
  • Styling should be done with some pomade to keep everything in place and add a bit of shine to the longer top side.

The Low Taper Fade

Another basic taper haircut fade features the faded length of the hair (starting from the top), which is more than 2 inches. The main idea behind this low taper fade is that the hair vanishes an inch or more under your natural hairline. Remember:

  • This haircut looks great on people with dark hair and guys with slightly curly hair.
  • Styling is easily achieved with a high-quality shampoo and styling gel for firmness and shine.

The Bald Taper Fade

Similar in appearance to the military buzz cuts, the bald fade is a bold taper haircut. Some recommend it to guys who are vulnerable to balding, but given the young generation’s hype with this type of hairstyle, it became clear that you don’t have to lose your hair to get this simple and stylish cut. It features a large fade and leaves just a bit of hair on top for a cool appearance. Remember:

  • This haircut goes with any skin tone, color hair, texture, or density
  • Styling is very easily achieved with styling gel or pomade for control and shine

The Temple Taper Fade

This taper haircut is similar to the low fade but features a distinct trait: the transition between the hair lengths is more abrupt, evident, and visible. You may have heard of this taper fade haircut in terms such as the “Afro Blow Out,” “Brooklyn Fade,” or just “Blowout.” Remember:

  • However, it matches all skin tones and hair types (straight or curly, black or blonde), provided your barber is skilled enough to achieve such an intricate hairdo.
  • If you have curly hair, a good shampoo is probably the only styling product you will need; straight-hair men are recommended to use pomade or gel.

The Afro Taper Fade

This is a stylish variation of the temple taper fade and is among the most popular haircuts for African-American men. The best part of this haircut is that it also goes great with African American ladies who like to keep their hair short. Remember:

  • The hair length decreases from top to bottom until it disappears
  • Curly or kinky hair allows a large palette of hairdos, and most prefer styled curls fading from the top

The Comb-Over Taper Fade

This taper haircut allows different hairstyles: it can be combed in a slicked-back version, combed over, or turned into a fohawk. It is suitable for men of all ages, skin tones, and hair densities, although it addresses those with longer, thicker, more coarse hair. Remember:

  • It would help if you regularly trimmed the bottom of your hair so it can always remain below the level of the top hair.
  • You can side part this hairdo and even achieve a Lumberjack taper fade haircut – you have to ask your barber to give you exactly what you want.

The Disconnected Taper Fade

One of the most interesting taper haircuts of our modern times, this one might turn into a real masterpiece if your barber has the skills and the knowledge. Remember:

  • This taper fade is usually worn with a beard – but the head and the beard each feature a different type of fade, and they don’t sport the same matching or complementary fades.
  • It goes great with straight hair or, even better, with curly hair. You can style the top in a quiff, a Mohawk, a fohawk, and some wild logger manners. This cut also allows some art to be achieved.

These are some of the basic taper haircut variations representing the building blocks of a lot more taper fade hairstyles. Always remember to read and watch at least one tutorial and go to your hairdresser armed with photos and specific requirements. Remember that the taper haircut allows you to keep short, medium, and even long hair. Learn to achieve a perfect style matching your facial features, temper, lifestyle, and personality. It will enhance your male charm and your chic contemporary look. You can even go so far as to combine a mid fade with a nappy taper to play with layered designs or classic cuts. Show your barber the best pics you can get your hands on, and try some of the hottest 2023 taper haircut variations available!