For some, the task of curling hair can seem like a daunting, terrifying, scary, challenging one. It can certainly be an awful experience if you don’t know what you’re doing or aren’t the best at attacking it with the greatest strategy! For still other people, it may not be a lack of skill when attempting to style hair appropriately, but a lack of knowledge as to how to implement those skills effectively. When you find the curling iron, curling wand, roller set, straightener, or other tool for forming the perfect curls that is the fit for you, all you need is some quality instruction on how to go about producing the perfect bouncy, springy, full of body curls that will last through a long day of work or a full night of celebrating. We have compiled some of the best strategies for making the perfect curls here from the best and most informative sources on YouTube. From straighteners and curling irons and wands to more unorthodox methods of curling like the use of paper bags and paper plates, you can be sure you will find the method that will be successful for you here. Happy curling!

1. With A Straightener

The first method is one by Camila Coehlo and covers how to easily and effectively curl your hair with a straightener, which is often a method that is overlooked due to the misconception that straighteners are just for straightening your luscious locks! Take a look…

Though it be an unorthodox and at times overlooked method, curling your hair with a straightener can be easy and achieve a maximum level of hold. The steps are easy and can be accomplished with just one thing, a straightener! And of course some hairspray. If you are in a rush and don’t own a curling iron but still need to achieve the perfect curl, this is the manner to go about it for you!

2. With A Wand

A curling wand is a wonderful way to achieve voluminous curls that maintain their bounce and body all day! Miss Rylee Jade has put together a wonderful tutorial below of how to achieve perfect wand curls. She even saved money in the process by using a regular old curling iron, just discarding use of the clamp on it! If you have a wand already, now is the perfect time to implement it, but if you still have a traditional curling iron, you can still use it and get amazing curls!

This method is simple and gives such wonderful results. The curls produced are perfect spirals, and last longer than the normal clamped-curl would! There are also many different brands of wands out there that can help you achieve differing types of curls based on the wand length, wand width, and its temperature capabilities. Find the wand for you and get your perfect curly ‘do done today!

3. With Rollers

The third method is perhaps the most classic of the bunch, the age old use of hair rollers. Whether you’re using a heated set, regular rollers secured by bobby pins, mesh rollers, spiral rollers, Velcro rollers, or steam rollers, you can achieve the perfect curls.

In just twenty short minutes, she creates lively, long-lasting curls that stay full of life longer than any other! She introduces and adds several of her favorite products to her hair to add and solidify the success of the rollers. The tutorial shows everything you need to know and provides the simple and foolproof steps you need to create the perfect curls for whatever occasion y0u wish!

4. With Paper Bag Strips

Michelle Phan does it again…with paper bag strips! This simple method is easy and cost effective; it’s free! You can make the curly look a reality with simple items that can be found on hand in your pantry at home.

If you are looking for a way to style your hair with minimal damage and maximum curl, you can stop searching now! Michelle Phan shows how to form the perfect curls without heat in the above video, using simply just strips of paper bag and a few flicks of the wrist. She tears the strips from paper bags, folds them over strands of hair, turns the strip over the fold and rolls it up to be tied at the end. After leaving in the curls over night, she is left with bounce and volume! Try the steps in the video today to get your perfect curls.

5. With Paper Plates

Paper plates and curls in the same sentence? You probably didn’t think so. But…think again! Similar to the paper bag method, this can be achieved with items that you probably already have sitting around on hand at home. Items you didn’t know had the power to curl your hair!

Similar to the paper bag method, just with different materials! Cut and contort some portions of  a paper plate to form the perfect ringlet curls. They will stay springy all day long and keep their bounce for a night out on the town!! They are just as beautiful as curls formed with heat, but a lot less damaging, and with much more healthy life and body.

6. With Bubble Wrap

If ever there was an unorthodox method for curling hair, it would be with bubble wrap! These perfect ringlets are made with bubble wrap, and almost look natural — they are that authentically and carefully produced.

Ever watched “The Carrie Diaries”? Well, even if you haven’t, surely you’ve seen Sex and the City and are aware of main character Carrie’s springy, vibrant ringlet curls. You cut bubble wrap into strips, roll it up, secure it with a piece of tape, and the wind the hair around the piece of wrap, pinning it at the end. This will form sturdy, bouncy curls that last! The curls formed are beautiful, and many people are sure to ask how they were achieved and maintained. You can point them to this tutorial, and they will thank you!

7. With A Scarf

Have an old scarf? Need perfect curls? Look no further than that scarf I just mentioned! The scarf, when united with your beautiful hair, will make the most beautiful and natural looking curls imaginable.

Okay, this is an absolutely genius idea! Cut up an old scarf, and wrap and twist it around your luscious locks to create voluminous curls full of life and body. Whether you have long hair like that in the tutorial video, or short hair that needs a little spicing up, this method can be beneficial and helpful.

Know of any other amazing curling methods that we forgot? Tell us about them in the comments and how they work for you! Let us know about the success you have with the methods we have included here as well. We would love to hear from you. Once again, happy curling!