Beauty Cosmetics to Make Up Chic Look for Men

Many centuries ago, both men and women used eye make, lip color, and perfume. However, society has just discovered makeup for men today.

Makeup started with people who lived a long time ago making natural dyes from herbs and plants to color their hair, cheeks, and lips, including their nails. Makeup cosmetics for the face and body were very popular with the fashionable Romans. They used oil, wax, incense, and cypress berries to hide age spots and facial wrinkles. Both men and women wore eyeliner made of minerals mixed with water, ground on palettes, and kept in tubes.

Throughout history, men and women have used makeup to enhance their physical appearance. However, there was a time when attitudes toward makeup for men changed. Society perceived that makeup is exclusive to stage actors and women’s use.

Today, thousands of men wear a dust of powder and a touch of color on their faces. In addition, daily male grooming now includes cosmetics for the man who wants to look better and feel great.

Why Metrosexual Men Wear Makeup and Cosmetics

A man cannot live with soap only if he wants to boost his self-confidence. A light dusting of powder can make a man look urbane. Eyeliner that enhances and defines the eye shape adds drama and stunning good looks.

Makeup products can brighten and refine the male look. Men use makeup to get that polished and powerful appearance, to look better. If there is one thing makeup for men is about, it is a groomed look. Face powder generally absorbs facial oil and gives skin a smooth, matte finish, which is a good reason for men to powder their noses.

Several pretty boys cited recently for grooming more than usual are Zac Efron, Jesse McCartney, John Mayer, and Ryan Seacrest. These stars and others use makeup designed for men, such as foundations for shine control, lip balms for dry lips, concealers for blemishes, and bronzers for a perfect sun-kissed look.

A whisk of facial powder can make today’s man look his best. A touch of lip color or bronzer can make the groomed shaved man more desirable. Yet, a man should keep his makeup close to the natural look, which is a more acceptable result.

The Basic Makeup for Men

A basic makeup kit for men has a variety of cosmetic products. The “metrosexual” men have no problem buying and using these cosmetics. However, today’s workplace and society, in general, are forbidding men from wearing real cosmetics. As a result, men should know what cosmetics to choose and how to wear makeup properly. Here are the basics of a sensible makeup kit for men:

  1. Shine reduction powder designed to control shine illuminates and protects the skin with a transparent veil of silky powder. One can apply face powder with a fluffy pad or blush brush. Choose a natural-matte finish pressed powder or foundation similar to one’s skin tone. A translucent shine reduction powder is good with any skin type. Remember to use bronzing gel on areas with hair instead of powder.
  2. Cosmetic skin concealer covers blemishes. This cosmetic product also hides dark circles, age spots, and tattoos under the eyes. A water-resistant liquid concealer gives skin a maximum cover-up. Apply a face makeup color to match one’s skin tone. Blend in with foundation to conceal skin imperfections.
  3. Face and body bronzer gives one a luxurious, radiant glow. This tinted powder is a cosmetic product that creates a fabulous, natural, shimmering tan shade. Face and body bronzers are ideal for enhancing skin tone. Choose a matte bronzing powder with shine control. An oil-absorbing bronzing powder gives skin a healthy glow and natural coverage.
  4. Lip serum keeps male lips soft and smooth. This cosmetic product makes lips appear fuller and smoother. Lip serums work against the natural shrinking of lips that aging brings by moisturizing and conditioning the lips. Men should choose lip serums that subtly sheen the lips and with vitamin E content for super lush lips.

Metrosexual men take their looks and styles quite seriously. They believe that makeup can improve their looks and self-confidence, regardless of their status and workplace. So they buy cosmetics and grooming products and use them regularly without fear of losing their masculinity. In addition, they know what cosmetics are for men and what makeup a man needs.

The demand is obvious by the display of cosmetic products for the face, such as blush, foundation, gloss, and powder with shine control on the internet and in malls. The most common cosmetics men will likely buy concealers and foundations to cover skin imperfections and aging signs. If a man is not ready to use foundation, a pressed powder and bronzer can minimize age spots, under-eye dark circles, and razor nicks. The more adventurous men can enhance their lashes and style their brows.

Many men are coloring their hair, buying makeup cosmetics, and waxing their eyebrows. They like to look at summer fashions and winter trends. These men desire to put their best face forward at work, in the boardroom, and at social functions, and makeup for men can help make up their looks.