There are still a lot of men out there that can’t decide whether to opt for a razor or a shaver, and that’s why we wrote this article, to inform you on the disadvantages and advantages of using both an electric shaver and an old fashioned razor.

Pros of Using Electric Shavers:

Well, the main reason that takes most men to use the electric razor is convenience and comfort because the shaving experience is totally different as most shavers tend to follow and adapt to your maxillofacial structure (your face lines).

You also avoid the “prepping for a shave” part you have to take in order to get a manual shave. Another thing to point out is that skin irritation is also lower with shavers – at least with good quality models – and bleeding is nowhere to be found.

These are also speedy, as they reduce your shaving time by around 70% with high-end models like the Panasonic ESLV61-A and by 50% with the remainder.

Durability is also a winner here – as an example, let’s point out the Braun Series 7 790-cc: a shaver which can last up to seven years!

Cons of Using Electric Shavers:

Closeness is really what comes to mind, as most shavers are unable to deliver the same closeness a manual razor offers. Also, shavers are noisy and that sound can grind your gears.

Money is also a con, as you’ll be spending more on shavers, especially if you want to get high-end shavers, though this cost can be justified on the long run.

Pros of Using Razors:

If the blade is good you get a clean shave – disposable blades even get the maintenance problem solved! Another plus is that manual razor are pretty cheap and replacement is easy, whereas with shavers you have to get it repaired or find new parts.

The learning curve isn’t steep and razors are simple to use – they also have no noise and are great to pack for trips.

Cons of Using Razor Blades:

The bleeding cuts are the number 1 con as they are pretty common. Sensitive skins also get irritated when you shave with a razor. It is a long process when compared to using a shaver and if you haste while maneuvering a manual razor, you’ll have a bad time.

You’ll also have to replace your razors pretty regularly.

How to Ensure Closeness with an Electric Shaver:

Shaving with the wrong technique can bring you some problems like the common skin irritation issue that men stumble upon. There are a lot of tips on properly using a shaver, and throughout this article we will mention some of them.

Cleaning and Maintaining your Shaver:

A clean shaver is mandatory, so that bacteria won’t get to your skin. Make sure you lift the head’s frame and clean the shaver up according to its manufacturer’s instruction manual. Normally, a soft brush is required to scrub the hair out of the blades. Know that if you get a high-end shaver like the Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D or a Braun Series 7, you’ll get a cleaning station that will take care of everything with the push of a button.

Preparing for your Shaving Session:

You should prep the areas you are going to shave by washing them with soap and water, this will allow the electric shaver to get in and pick up every hair with a single pass (if the shaver is good). You can also use an alcohol based solution if you have a sensitive skin, and it helps in getting the natural oil out of your skin which straightens your hair making it easier to cut.

Thick hairs might require high quality shavers, so bear this in mind.

Don’t shave against the grain:

To get a close and clean shave you should shave with the grain, that is along the direction to where the hair is growing. If you shave against the grain you’ll find resistance and your skin is more likely to be irritated – your shave’s closeness will suffer as well.

Note that when using an electric shaver you should shave as quickly as you can, in order to finish before your shaver’s blades get hot.

Tips for the After Shave:

When you finish your shaving session, be sure to apply lotion or after shave cream to hydrate your skin and protect it against irritation and rashes.

So, we hope that you found this article to be helpful and that you are now ready to benefit from even more rewarding shaving experiences.