If someone asked you, “What is your favorite time of the year,” what would your answer be? See which season is my favorite and why.

When I was younger, someone asked me, “If you had to choose one season out of the four, which would you choose as your favorite?” At the time, I didn’t give it a second thought; I answered, “summer, of course.” I gave that answer because it is a favorite time of year when you are a child, a tween, or a teen. Summer is a lazy time of backyard fun, swimming at the lake, hiking, and, most importantly, no school. When I was a kid, summer was a time to sleep late and spend hours outdoors doing what pleases most kids, playing.

The Seasons

But, after giving this question some thought, I have come to a surprising conclusion. Being born and raised on the United States East Coast, I am used to living with the seasons. So, I was amazed to realize that I like the different climates and temperatures associated with each season, even though the temperatures and climate can change drastically and sometimes very quickly.


Summer is a magical season. Everyone loves to partake in activities in the fresh air and sunshine, but I must admit I love to sit in the sun and enjoy a summer’s day. It’s great to watch, listen to, and smell the sweetness of summer. Bees pollinating the flowers, burgers on the grill, and picnics and time shared with friends and family add to the joys of summer life.


Autumn is also a favorite time with the natural beauty of trees, their leaves turning orange, red, yellow, and brown. A crisp aroma of wood smoke and just the right chill in the air. A fun-filled time of hayrides, carving pumpkins, and tasty witching brews at holiday parties. Not to mention the sumptuous meals and desserts we all consume at Thanksgiving.


And I like wintertime. Winter is a time for red cheeks and noses, hot cocoa, sledding, and mounds of snow in some years. Winter is also the time of the year that we celebrate my favorite holiday, Christmas. The Christmas season is filled with so much joy and hopes that sadly seems to disappear in early January. I must admit I am usually glad when winter comes to an end. I don’t particularly care for the frigid weather. By March rolls around, I’m more than ready for spring.


Spring is a time of awakening and new life. Even as a city dweller, I can appreciate the sights, sounds, and especially the smell of a spring day. Seeing a flower start its bloom and the grass beginning to grow. People break out of their shells and celebrate the richness of spring by spending more time getting back into nature.


Have you ever taken a walk and felt the stillness of a spring morning? It’s one of my favorite things to do. Walk through a park, find a bench and sit, close your eyes, and let the sun and wind caress your face. Listen to the birds communicating with each other. Notice what birds make which sound? It can be glorious.

Sitting quietly during a springtime thunderstorm, when Mother Nature puts on a light show and cleanses the earth, fills me with delight. It is the most dazzling natural show you will ever witness. So the next time someone asks me what my favorite time of year is, I’ll say I like all seasons with a special preference for spring. Can’t you smell the beauty of springtime?

So, what time of year is your favorite?